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Visualization App Platform with Data Cinematographic Interface

The power of cinematography brought to otherwise staid presentations. Elevate data-driven presentations with the power of interactive motion. With this power to interact with your data, you can also discover the critical hidden nuances ripe for exploitation or optimization. All this on any IOS platform including your phone! Also available on the web. Easily integrate with big data on the cloud. Supports multiple diverse customer use cases, from individuals to enterprises.

HR Talent Management App Family

A suite of talent management iPad/iPhone apps for a prominent SaaS vendor in the Human Resource and Talent Management space. The award-winning apps were built on a secure database platform to follow data governance guidelines of customers. The app suite covered aspects of HR such as Talent Management, Compensation, Education, and Directory Services.

Correlation Engine for Diagnosing SSDI Disability Conditions

Core engine that uses a correlative model created based on machine learning (feedback) as well as other statistical methods to estimate the costs of care for disabled patients based on their existing ICD9 criteria, to help attorneys who advocated on behalf of patients in their requests for disability insurance.

Legal e-Discovery Document Review & Analysis Platform

Web 2.0 platform for e-Discovery. Enable web-based review, tagging, and redaction of printed litigation documents. Process, recognize, and categorize PDF documents based on content.

Emerging Markets Fund Flow Explorer

Full-stack implementation of an interactive, graphical display of FX Fund Flows.